Sophie Brocks

By nature I am highly creative and a passionate communicator with international experience in campaign activation, PR, events and marketing roles. I have enjoyed consulting and delivering creative concepts and one off brand experiences for a diverse array of clients such as Red Bull, Nike, Google, London Fashion Week, Kate Spade and the notorious Notting Hill Street Carnival. Never afraid to take on new and challenging projects I havecoordinated press trips, large corporate ski groups, weddings, pop-up shops and VIP experiences as well as more digital marketing based roles such asmonitoring PR coverage and social media marketing. Motivated by travel and adventure my versatile character allows me to fluidly transition between events, PR and marketing, always seeking to deliver a personal touch. During my years of experience I have worked with people from all walks of life in a broad range of industries and have managed to build lasting international connections. Above all else I am a people person and am dedicated to helping brands tell their story.

Alongside my enthusiasm for communication and events my background is firmly routed in the visual story telling and social archiving that is photography. In 2013 I completed my BA (Hons) in photography and where possible I incorporate this into my work. Alongside commissioned photographs I have exhibited my work at several galleries across the UK including The National Portrait Gallery and The Getty Images Gallery.

I currently live in Innsbruck with my partner and our beloved campervan Vanderson. Whenever the opportunity presents itself we head off into the mountains to go snowboarding, or simply just read our books and drink tea in the woods.

Communication & PR
Content Creation
Brand Management
Event Management